where did u all learn how to trade?

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  1. did you teach urselfs or did u learn from a firm you were at? also, what markets did you start out in and are u still in those same markets?

    just curious.
  2. taigong


    actually, ebay is a good place to start out in, to learn supply and demand (and manipulation)
  3. school of hard knocks. started in equities and still there. i have looked at trading other things but didn't like the learning curve. equities are the most forgiving trading vehicle.
  4. It's not so much a question of "where" as to "how long". It took me about 2.5 years of studying charts, and studying charts, and some more studying charts. Takes time, but it's definitely worthwhile :)

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  5. but did u start out at a firm or did u just decide to do it on ur own?
  6. BSAM


    Self taught. Agree with vhehn's post.
  7. GGSAE


    Prop Firm + Self Learning
  8. quant


    working as a quant for a hedge fund designing systematic trading and screening algorithms combined with in-depth private study and research.
  9. On my own.

    Lots of reading, chart analysis and mistakes.

    Costly and valuable mistakes.

  10. The best way is to trade and keep careful of track of what works and what does not for you. Research the traits of your best winners and worst losers. Learn to avoid the losing traits and gravitate towards the winning ones.
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