Where Did The Money Come From....Where Did It Go ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. "Get money into the hands of financial institutions so that they could
    continue to lend"
    that's The general misconception

    Paulson/Fed refusal of Bloomberg's suite to disclose information about how
    the TARP was used is the indicator that funds were being used to prevent
    institutions from failing - nothing to do with lending
    it's also why Paulson is silent about 'pressuring' financials to lend — they
    don't have the funds to do so, and the others aren't going to lend as long as
    the economy is dumping
  2. So is Social Insecurity, and gov't debt
    A huge ponzi scheme.
  3. Agassi


    agreed 100%