where did the decimals go in eSignal?!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Weeble, Aug 14, 2003.

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    just the other day ES was displayed in decimals. i updated all my excel sheets to use decimals. today, 8/14, i see no decimals! WHAT'S GOING ON?!
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    on the esignal charts, ES has no decimals, but quotes going into excel through DDE do have decimals!
  3. Had the same problem. Here is the fix:

    This will provide you instructions on how to replace the SPECS.TAB file to resolve the current decimal issue.

    Close eSignal and click on the Link below.

    http://share.esignal.com/download.jsp?groupid=117&folder=For Community Posts&file=specs.tab

    1. Click on the Save button. In top SAVE IN box click dropdown and choose Local Drive(C:), then double click on Program Files folder in lower section, double click eSignal folder. Click on SAVE button. When asked if you want to replace existing Specs.tab click on Yes.

    2. Click on link above again and choose SAVE. Now, double click the Sig Text folder in lower section then the SAVE button. Choose Yes to replace existing specs.tab file. Restart eSignal.
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    hardrightedge, thanks for the help.

    i have a few questions to the eSignal people (or anyone who knows):

    1) are my ES charts supposed to have decimals or not? (right now i do not have decimals)

    2) if my ES charts are not supposed to have decimals, why do ES quotes in excel through DDE HAVE decimals?

    so basically, what i'm saying is, my ES charts do not have decimals, but quotes going into excel using DDE do have decimals? shouldn't they be the same?
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    ok, i guess my ES charts are not supposed to have decimals. (they don't anymore).

    HOWEVER, can someone tell me why if i put this in a cell in excel I WILL GET DECIMALS?

    =(WINROS|OPEN!'ES #F=2')

    shouldn't they be consistent???
  6. Decimals are for wimps. In the futures contract, the quote is in full points. There are no commas, no decimals!

    The index has a decimal, for example 984.25. But in the futures it is 98425 full POINTS. No decmials! Any trader can look at that and instantly know what the handle is and where the market is trading. Don't be a baby and whine about decimals.

    Possibly the formatting on your excel cell is putting the decimals in.
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    WHOAH, WHOAH, WHOAH! don't be a baby and whine about decimals?!?! when the fuck did i whine about decimals?! i don't care if they're in decimals or not. i was used to my ES quotes not being in decimals. the other day my ES quotes were in decimals and today they're back to no decimals. i just wanted to know what was going on so my excel sheets are set right. don't give me some don't be a baby crap.

    anyway, no, my excel formatting is not putting in decimals for the DDE quotes. put the line below in excel with data manager running and a decimal will be in the quote. yes, i know i can just multiply this by 100 and format the cell to 0 decimals, but i was questioning if esignal should be consistent. right now it appears they are not, since ES charts don't have decimals but ES DDE quotes do. i would suggest they make their ES DDE quotes have no decimals.

    =(WINROS|OPEN!'ES #F=2') <--- will give you a decimal

    to get rid of the decimal, i do this: =(WINROS|OPEN!'ES #F=2')*100 and set the cell format to 0 decimals. i think esignal should change this so ES DDE quotes and ES charts are consistent.
  8. As today esignal emini quotes are decimalized. Is there any way I can turn this off or control its appearance? I know it has something to do with the spec.tab file, but I don't know how to edit it.

    What is the problem? The data in the time are sales colums are not consistent in appearance. For example, I'm now getting stuff like:

    &nbsp &nbsp 1031
    &nbsp 1031.5

    Its distracting. If you have to have decimals, I'd like them to look like this:


    That makes a consistent looking column in Time and Sales.
  9. Hi PuffyGums,

    We have been having a sporadic problem with the transmission of the Specs.tab file. Engineers are currently working on this. To correct, follow the instructions on this post at eSignal Central;