Where Did Our Space Program Go?

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    We have no way to put our astronauts in space. We will pay $56 million to Russia to fly each astronaut to the space station. In 2014 the price goes to $63 million per ride.

    Where did we go wrong? Why don't we have a replacement for the shuttle ready to go? What's the deal?

    We can't put astronauts in space anymore. We can't drill for oil (at least not where there is any) anymore. We can't stop giving money away to other counties and special interest groups. We can't manufacture anything anymore. We can't build any new power plants without a strangling amount of red tape. We're running out of water in the Ogallala aquifer so we won't be the world's bread basket in another decade or two. We can't even stop millions of illegal aliens from walking across our border and exploiting our taxpayer services.

    It all makes me sad and angry. :mad:
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    NASA: Not About Space Anymore