where did our AAPL threads go?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by krazykarl, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. mods?
  2. Not far from the tree
  3. They had all those lovely short calls from the successful traders on here...

    anyone care to repost their calls in here? I'm still bullish on appl...
  4. nkhoi

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    fast finger, sorry!
  5. pspr


    Saving the shorts some embarrassment maybe?
  6. ..... :p
  7. AAPL at 310 and remains nearly 3% below the highs with the SPX up >1% on the day.
  8. one day does not a trend make. aapl has a low beta.
  9. Again, why you fail. AAPL's beta is 1.40. You should, at the very least, be correct on direction when gloating in these threads.

  10. 1.40 is low in my book, maybe not yours...
    #10     Oct 20, 2010