where can you get raw data for research purposes?

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  1. Hello

    Where can you download raw economic data, sentiment numbers such as II, AAII polls, Rydex fund flows and exchange data such as put/call ratios, VIX , for the past 20 years . Please help
  2. Bumping up the thread hoping someone knows a cheap source for the data I previously mentioned. Right now I have an urgent need for historical data on these sentiment indicators: Rydex fund flows and asset ratios and AAI polls. If I could at least get current data every week that would still be useful.
    Do you have to be a AAII member to get the poll #s? I can't find any info about the poll on their website .

    As for economic data I only know of Haver Analytics (too expensive I am sure) and economagic. What is used by the pros, research firms, hedge funds ?
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    bump - I'm interested in economic data as well.