Where can world market stats be found?

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    I was wondering if anyone might know how to locate certain stats on different world markets.

    Specifically the the average, median, and mode for intraday % (or point) movements. That is from intraday hi to low.

    I believe the system I apply to ES trading may do as well in many markets, but I need enough range in the intraday moves. For example, a range above 7 ES points produces good yields which increase sharply as the range increases. Whereas, below 7 make the days rather challenging and low producers, and make 5 or below really tough going.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Good trading to all.
  2. i'm interested, but i'm unaware of some of these terms.

    i understand what an average is, but what is the median and mode?

  3. http://www.bartleby.com/64/C004/008.html
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  5. i forget a lot of stuff from school. although some people are definitely overall more knowledgeable than others, people can have different knowledge. i may know some things you don't know, for example, maybe playing a guitar.

    i like to know about things i'm interested in, rather than being forced to learn something i don't care about. at the time i learned about modes in school, i probably didn't care much, so i forgot it.

    anyway, thanks for the link.
  6. You can get info for almost any world market on bloomberg or reuters.

    If it is just daily info you are looking for try the financial times web site.

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    mode - the number that occurs most often

    median - the number in the middle from high to low

    average - sum of all divided by # of entries

    that leaves the weighted average - may be better - the sum each number multiplied by it # of occurrences, divided by the total number of occurrences

    Thanks to all for the help