where can Money be made?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bat1, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. bat1


    Everything I look at seems dead

    Let's go down the list.....

    1. Stocks Flat to dead

    2. Euro Flat to dead

    3. The Dollar Short term top

    4. oil Flat to dead

    5. silver Flat to dead

    6. Gold Short term top

    7. CD at bank Flat to dead

    8. yen Flat to dead

    Tell me where the money is anyone! :p
  3. Do you want to mine for gold or sell supplies to the miners? :confused:
  4. so little volume for a russell rebalancing day, something is wrong
  5. Come and join the Options team. :)
  6. NoDoji


    Are you living in an alternate universe?

    CL broke out today and moved over $1100 (per contract) in 5 minutes. These kinds of moves are actually pretty common in oil.
  7. Bob111


    anywere on longer or shorter time frames
  8. I was just thinking how good the opportunities have been lately. lol.

    S&P bottom was a gimme today. Only needed to wait for that 1 trade and you were set for the day and some of next week. Hell, you could have taken those 2 trades and been set for the week and had some left over.

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