Where can I trade the Brazilian Real?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by jgold310, May 13, 2009.

  1. jgold310


    Hello dear traders,

    I am looking for an online broker where I could trade the Real. Does anyone know of 1? If there any ETFs that mimics this currency?

    Thank you!
  2. Surdo


    The closest ETF you can trade is the EWZ, the MSCI Brasil index.

    There is absolutely zero volume on the CME Real futs.

    If you are really determined to trade Real Fx, you need to open a local bank account and get residency first.

    Trading this currency is really not easy for estranhos.
  3. MGJ


    Do it by EFP (Exchange Futures for Physical).
  4. Surdo


    EFP = Exchange For Physical.

    Can you please elaborate on how to do this.
    I am familiar with EFP's, but don't you need a future to accomplish this trade?

    The volume on CME is zero and they ceased trading on The ICE.
  5. You can try the below firm:

    GlobalTech Financial is a company focused in providing solutions to offer our clients premiere access to global financial markets. Unlike brokerage firms, GlobalTech Financial does not operate as a broker, but as provider of state-of-the-art electronic access to foreign exchange market. In this sense our clients can trade directly and free of administration fees, custody, brokerage fees etc.

    GlobalTech Financial links institutional and individual investors to the international over-the-counter market by means of electronic trading platform with state-of-the-art technology. Our company provides the investor with the necessary infrastructure to access the largest financial market in the world.
    Head Office
    Address: Av. Ceci, 1.330, Planalto.
    Sao Paulo, SP 04065-001
    Telephone: +55 11 5584 9254
    Fax: +55 11 5078 9652
  6. Surdo


    They won't open an account without a CPF if they existed!

    I bet you won't even find their website....nice try.
  7. tradethetrade

    tradethetrade Vendor

    What's their web site???

    http://www.gt-financial.com/ was taken off air.

  8. tradethetrade

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    Whatever you do, check the brazilian sec's site because there is a ton of firms getting fined offering currency trading.


    I work with a few houses here. I'll see if I can get you something.
  9. www.everbank.com

    cant really trade it since the comission is obscene (.75%) ..but i bought a bunch of REAL at 2.30 and they CD pays a 7.5% note

    its more for a buy and hold

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