Where can I see real time Crude oil prices ?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by uniafly, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. uniafly


    Maybe someone could answer my question ..

    Where can I see real time prices for oil future contracts ?

    I know that I can see these prices at yahoo
    http://finance.yahoo.com/futures but as far as I understand these prices are 30 minutes behind ..

    My Broker is MB, and I use Quote trucker, but I dont see any way that I could see prices up there for future contracts (though I buy only stocks).

    Big Thanks...
  2. Look at the realtime ticker on CNBC or subscribe to a data vendor that offers realtime Light Crude Oil quotes if your looking for realtime continuous charts and not realtime static quotes.

  3. uniafly


    Thank you for your help everybody..

    to Martin Gale: on this website you provided do they have static prices up to the minute or 10-15 minutes delayed ?

    to NIhabaAshi: I am looking for real time static quotes, that are delayed a minute or so, but not 10-20 minutes.
    What do you mean real time ticker on CNBC, you mean on TV or their website?
  4. Yes...my reference was to their realtime ticker they show on TV and they will show on occasion throughout the trading day a chart of Light Crude Oil.

    Such should be suitable for anybody wanting realtime static quotes.

    However, if your just using the price action of Light Crude Oil and not really concerned with specific price...

    Any Oil Index can do that or an Oil ETF.

  5. nymex.com