where can I open an account to trade in LME?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by archer001, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Seems IB does not support LME, who knows why?
    and who knows which broker trade at LME? thank you very much!
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    any professional level broker will - man etc.

    all they need is a software gateway for lme.

    ib wont provide it for 2 reasons:

    1/ they are aimed at retail traders, not pros. some retail traders think they are pros though - so watch me get shot down for saying that. like i care.

    2/ ib are yanks. yanks forget there is a big wide world outside of the states.

    lme is hot stuff at the moment, all the banks are jumping in there. if you want to trade with the pros, you need a pro level service and platform.
  3. Thank you first, still have questions:
    1. Do you mean Man futures: www.manfutures.com ? I find some bad comments for them in the broker ratings section.
    2. What is the difference between a broker aimed at ratail traders or one at pros? such as the difference between IB and Man?

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    1. yes i do mean them. i too have heared bad things. i am with man/refco division. i have never had an issue. by in large, level of service, rates etc you get depends on the desk you deal with. know thy broker!

    if you dont want to deal with man, or one desk gives you bad rates, either try another or find another broker. rgc may offer lme access i dont know.

    go to the lme web site. im sure they will have a list of member firms/brokers.

    i wouldn't rely too much by what you read here. look at the average life of an et poster. they are likely 6 month old noobs who do their beans in the same 6 months. what do they know? they probably lose their money, then blame the broker/exchange/platform/wife rather than take responsibility.

    2. about a million miles. (answering the phone promptly, professionally, and knowing what they are talking about being one of them).
  5. 1. Do you mean man futures have many desks, and different desks may offer different rates?

    2. And what is man/refco division? I know man bought refco last year, but refco does not offer LME brokerage as I know.

    3. I've come to LME website as u suggested, and found a link to Man metals. What is its relationship with Man futures and refco division?

    Thanks! I am a new one here, seems I have a lot more to learn:)