Where can i learn the basics?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by UK2004, Oct 27, 2001.

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    I had a look i can't find anything on this topic

    Hard to imagine someone seriously searching the vast wealth of knowledge on this board and coming up with nothing on futures and options? I don't think so. Commitment is a prime ingredient of success in this field, and I suggest you need to be a bit more committed in your searching.
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    In reply to your comment i searched for the comment from def about futures and options not for general information so sorry if you were mislead but your coment was wrong.
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    a good, easy reading first options book is george fontanills "The Options Course." Then try "OPTIONS : Essential concepts and strategies," which is published by the CBOE. And if you still want to trade options, read Natenberg's book....after that, you probably won't want to trade options anymore. ha!
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    I stand by what I said about commitment or lack of it, and I guess I should have added the word persistence. BTW, you might want to try out the spell-checker button that can be found on the bottom-right of your screen when you're posting a reply.
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