Where can i learn the basics?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by UK2004, Oct 27, 2001.

  1. UK2004


    Can someone advise me where or in what book i can learn the basics of futures and options in and easy to understand format?
  2. vinigar


    Use the search functions for ....Def......I think he had a good post and suggestion on this.:)
  3. UK2004


    I had a look i can't find anything on this topic?Any help
  4. vinigar


    Def had a good post...give me a while and I will see if I can find it...or remember where I saw it...I'll give you an answer soon.,:)
  5. vinigar


    "McMillan on Options"..... by Larry McMillian
    "Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques"......by Sheldon Natenburg.

    Both recommendations by DEF and Hoyler

    Hoyler said "McMillian on Options is where I felt my options took leaps and bounds forward"

    Def said: "ditto on hoylers recommendstions. I still keep natenburgs book by my bed"

    Hope this helps ya bud :)
  6. UK2004


    Thankyou for oyur help i will look for them on amazon.co.uk by way i am 17 and a half will this be of a level i can understand if i use my brain when reading them?
  7. vinigar


    I do not trade futures or options....just plain ole stocks...Def seems to have a lot of experience in this area...try sending him a message...I am sure he will respond...also about being only 17 1/2...there is no time better to start learning...Tony Oz started when he was young...try posting or sending a private message to these guys...they have a lot of experience and can give you good advice especially as regards what level of experience you have and where to start....Good Luck...study hard...and then study some more...and when you think you have studied enough ...study some more....Hope I have been helpful:D
  8. vinigar


    One last thought for you...write a term paper on options or future trading for school....hopefuly this will do things for you: one, take care of an English assignment in school......two, help you logically learn about these areas, last...help you determine your strenghts and weknesses as regards these subjects:)
  9. neo_hr


    Dear Nich,

    I agree with Vinigar, no better time to start. BUT!! I also agree that you should start with stocks (yeah, who am I to say, not even a novice rookie yet) because futures are darn tough and you really have to know what you are doing and be well capitalized for it.

    Plus, my mate from The states (hes like 35 or so) started like a couple of months ago w. acct of like 25k to trade SINGLE ES contract and has wiped more than half of it away...yep, futures are hard.

    I can get you some nice links if you can tell me how to export them from I.Explorer as there are way too many to write them down.

    Just PM me and give me your e mail, Ill attach the file and mail it to you. If not, hang on a day or two, Ill post there here.

    Have a great weekend,

    Alex (21 he he)

    UPDATE :
    I tried mailing you via ET board but nope, It wouldnt allow me. I figured the way how to export my favourites so Id send it to you as a html file. PM me or something so I can have your e mail. Cheers Mate!
  10. Nich-
    The best place to find the basics for free...

    On boths sites you can request info on options and futures...I just got my e-mini package in the mail from cme...great basic stuff for free!
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