Where can I learn how to build a profitable trading system

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    Where can I learn how to build a profitable trading system. I'm talking about a real system not one of those 20$ a month 300000% in 3 months system. A system that can produce 70-100% per year in the long term that can support millions to be poured into it.
  2. Create a trading plan, test it, revise it, test it, revise it, test it, revise it, test it.

    Do that process for as long as it takes to become consistently profitable. This is a process of figuring out "what doesn't work" to learn "what does." Trade on sim through this process.

    Eventually you will either have a detailed trading plan that is profitable or you will give up.

    Just as an aside, 70-100% should be considered in "risk adjusted" returns.
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    70-100% a year, over the long term.... no big deal.
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    Do you seriously think someone will give you this info??? Why not just wiring you $.

    If you do have a system, and need to automate it, I can provide you feedback.
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    forexfactory ....good luck, have fun with all the millions you're gonna make :D
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    Hi. $50 says this is a Surf trolling account. The long answer is that : nowhere.
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    I thoght that there are some courses that teach you the math and statistics what programs to use to compile the data and do simulations
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    I would start by carefully and methoidcally reading every page of Tushar Chande's Beyond Technical Analysis and Van Tharp's Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom.

    I don't claim that either book will necessarily give you a profitable trading system, but they'll certainly tell you - and reliably - what to look for, what to avoid, how to go about it, and the basics of how to build your own.

    For the required math/statistical input (and you're right that that's essential), Michael Harris's Profitability & Systematic Trading has you covered, there.

    All these three books are well researched, well presented, and have stood the test of time.
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  9. Andy_p remember the real system is yourself, learn how to control yourself under pressure and go from there. Believe me when I say that you will find a system that works over time, but in the end its the things you do "before, in, and out of a trade that will end your trading dreams.
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  10. That's like saying how, or teach me, to play basketball like Michael Jordan. :banghead::finger:-- i'm not saying it's impossible, but only a select few can do it...that requires a combination of unique skills and traits and circumstances.
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