Where can I get Tradestation 2000i?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jerryz, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. jerryz


    Where's the cheapest place to get it?
  2. from Tradestation.... it is free if you trade above a certain volume. Or are you talking about something else...
  3. 2000i is no longer sold...now it's TS 8 which requires a brokerage acct. Google tS 2000i, you can usually find tons of people selling it. Also try ebay....
  4. jerryz


    i looked all over tradestation website and i don't see a link for it. i don't want to open a trading account with tradestation, i just want to use it for backtesting. is 2000i the cheapeset option for this?
  5. jerryz


    i did search google but didn't find a good site with pricing info. do you have a recommendation?

    also tried ebay, i don't see anyone selling 2000i
  6. While you can probably buy it from different sources, make sure it is this version (the very last)...5.00.0822

    Prior versions might not work properly due to bugs involving Y2K and different data vendor formats.

    The program itself is very easy to copy (1 cd). What you're *really* buying is the ''good for ever'' password.
  7. jerryz


    some of those websites did look a bit strange and i don't know about the version number. does anyone have a recommendation?
  8. maxpi


    I wonder if that password could be applied to more than one computer?
  9. Yes it can, but you need the same CD, the password is linked to the CD. I installed it on another PC as a backup system. If i ever have problems with my PC i can start immediatelly on the second one.