Where can I get Time and Sales

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  1. Greetings ET

    I am looking for execution software that gives me the time and sales window for index futures like I have for stocks.

    I don't want to just see the last but a scrolling list.

    I tried to attach a pic..hope it works
  2. What broker are you using? or what datafeed?

    You can use QuoteTracker for that:

    works with many brokers and datafeeds.
  3. i'm currently demoing strategy runner...will be looking for a borker at the end of the month
  4. bump...
    is time and sales not as easy to get trading index futures it is when trading equities?
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    Two sources I know of are e-Signal and directly
    from the CME.

    Both are expensive...
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  7. Thanks guys...coming from stocks where ya get real time T&S with any software, had no idea it was so hard to get when trading futures.
  8. Surdo


    Why is "hard" to get?
    You just need to pay any vendor for real time data.

    Nothing is free, TradeStation is about $100 - $125/month if you execute 10 RT's the month prior.

    If $100 Bucks is too much for you I suggest you trade baseball cards .
  9. No not hard I guess...just suprised...strategy runner does not offer it at all...and as I said coming from trading stocks where it is included with damn near every trading platform...just suprised.
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    ninja trader (beta) started offering T&S, i believe licence is around $50/month, not sure whether charting option is charged at extra or not.
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