Where can I get streaming charts for a decent price?

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  1. It doesnt have to me streaming real-time. I just want to b able to see a candlestick chart that updated every 5 or 15 minutes. I have found charts, but they dont update.This way I can just write my entry/exits on a piece of paper. I dont think any exist for free, wheres the cheapest place? Thanks.
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    i take it your paper trading so no need for expensive data feed, for a low cost one i can think of is to use Quotetracker ( http://www.quotetracker.com/ ) and use one of there supported data feed vendors, live streaming quote are about $20/mo +exchange fees (about $3-$5 more so about $25 total). they have one that's real time snap shot for $10/mo + exchange fees that might be the one your looking for if you just want quotes every 5min or so.
  3. Thanks, I will try out both of those right now
  4. I checked those out, one you have to have windows and one just doesnt work that well, but it IS free. Im resigned to having to pay for a service so now Im looking for the cheapest one. I dont need level 2, just streaming charts ( pref real time but it doesnt have to be). I found this from esignal but its $55 a month with exchange fees. Is there anywhere cheaper or should I just bite the bullet? Note Im just paper trading, but i want the data feed to be real and reliable.
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    izone.com account, or ameritrade.com, for that matter.
    Use their software, or feed it to quotracker.
  6. You don't use Microsoft Windows?
  7. I think prophet.net is the cheapest u will find. just get their basic or silver service...where did u find esignal for $55?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. The esignal system i was looking at is called "livecharts", its $50 with exchange fees, but i suppose its worth it.

    I dont use windows unless i have to, i stick to leopard :)
  9. What you trade?
    Indices? Individual stocks?
    Commodity futures?

    For indices, Yahoo finance has free charts delayed 5 minutes or less, I think.
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