Where can I get laid in Chicago?

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  1. Sorry, I am original from Estonia. To "get laid" has meanings to find a flat. So long as peoples are posting to find trading firm, to hook up and where to hang in, as you say, Shy-Town(?spell), I post on how to get nicely laid.
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    A "flat" could mean front entry only,rear entry only, or you may find one with both!
  3. What you mean "rear entry"? Does this requires some sort special tool?

    I have friend Iluhlnichkov. He says both front and rear entry good to have at same time.
  4. You sound like you are used to "rear entry" from various and sumultaneous sorces. Hey, that is nothing to "spit" at. Every once in a while, try pitching.
  5. Yes to enter from both allows to fill up very full. Much long pieces can fit in snugly. Of course I am speaking of furniture.

    I not understand pitching and how balls fit in this picture.
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    Your friend Iluhlnichkov must know several "landlords" with flats ready to move into.
  7. Yes Iluhl is very knowlegible with means of entry. He help other friend Toornedinkov moving in but they have problem. You see one is placing large piece in front way and other stuffing in very long and wide piece from back and they not have enough room. One have to put front piece in all the way as other pull out part way in back. Then guy in back can shove his part in fully all at once. Very tricky indeed. Must have good rhythm. These two are very popular for their excellent technique.
  8. You have come to the wrong forum. Try Plenty Of Fish at www.plentyoffish.com
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    Tell friends to go ask landlord for two flats side by side.
  10. Leon: Cultural Learnings of America for make benefit Glorious Nation of Estonia

    Now showing in Chicago...
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