Where can I get current info?

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  1. Hey all,

    My interest in economics and markets started when I was a pre-teen and began following the silver and gold markets. That was when the Hunt brothers cornered the silver market and those were fascinating times.

    These are fascinating times. My interests have now gone full circle. I'm starting to accumulate physical gold and silver. Yeah, I'm late to the party, but I think I'll still be early for the coming inflation. But I'm not here to debate or defend that.

    I'm now working on a model to try to estimate which way spot gold and silver will move. I don't think it can be done for day to day changes, but I have an idea for a model that is intrigueing enough to try it.

    But my problem is that I need data. I know that gold's mine production numbers and demand values are published quarterly. But I'm trying to find a source of information...especially if its free info off the internet....that can be used as a proxie for these figures and is released more often. Perhaps I can correlate the quarterly data to weekly published data for small subsets of the market.

    Can anyone recommend a source of information that REGULARLY lists gold purchases or gold sales in a weekly format? Even if its just for a region or an industry. Any help would be appreciated.

    Lastly, what kind of leverage can I get for changes in spot gold? I've read about gold leases...is this the best leverage?

    Thanks for your patience with a born again gold noob.

  2. Gold and silver futures prices. They're available nearly 24 hours per day. Problem solved. :cool:
  3. I'm trying to figure out when the futures prices are wrong. I figure they are a function of mine production, consumer/investor demand, consumer sentiment, industrial needs, and other indexes (indices?) which move in sympathy or counter to them. My problem is finding a good source for supply and demand info.

    I see your point that the futures market might give me a good idea what the demand is, but maybe not the mind production values...?

  4. Ok, I'm feeling this out, and I've figured out that I want to dabble in ETFs for gold. Are there any that offer more than 2x leverage? And if I was going to buy and sell them, can someone make a recommendation for who to go through so I don't get whacked on commissions?