Where can I get API data?

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    I have a charting software used by a small group of traders. Currently it's EOD data. We want to make it RT (real time) or 20min delayed. I'd like a wide variety of data (stocks, ETF's etc). I understand that I will have to pay exchange fee's etc if it's RT.

    Where can I get a API for data at? I want something that's stable and is priced reasonable.

    Please PM if you don't want to write it here. Thanks.
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    I've received a few PM's but nothing that will help me. If you know of any API's to get data, please PM me.
  3. What is the price range that you consider reasonable?
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    Right now,I'd like something around $50 a month for the data and then any additional exchange fee's. If someone has some recommendations priced higher/lower I'm pretty open. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. why don't you use the brokers data feed?
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    I don't want a brokers data. I want a generic data provider. Thank you for the input though.
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    eSignal does have the Desktop API which works in conjunction with the eSignal application. The Desktop API supports most of the major Microsoft languages and the documentation can be found here. http://share.esignal.com/groupcontents.jsp?folder=&groupid=185. The samples are designed as a guide and will not work without special permissions but you can at least look at what they have to offer.

    Further questions about the API can be directed to activeX@mail.esignal.com
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    IHMO, IQFeed has a decent API
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