where can i get a good free hisorical chart of crude

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  1. even a good 5 year chart that i can copy and paste would be useful, but must have the recent 87.50-88 price spike included, thanks
  2. attached is ascii data, Date OHLCV of 'continuous' Crude Oil
    prices, begins April 1983, updated with price data from:

    no 'continuous formula' is used, each day's new prices are just
    added to the file; wait till the next day's price appears before
    updating the previous day; on current contract rollover -- I only
    update on Tues and Fri nights -- I go back and enter the new
    usually lower prices appearing on the screen
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  3. futuresource.com has free longer-term charts
  4. Here's an interesting chart of Gasoline..

    I've never quite seen one like that.
    Trades UP from the open every single day for months.
  5. Actually the red shaded candles are the closed lower than opened bars.
  6. the clear candlesticks indicate that the price traded higher than it opened, not accounting for gaps up or down.

    I've never seen that many 'trading up from the open' days on any chart, ever.
  7. Gosh I'm sorry. I stand corrected. That IS the most incredible thing (candle wise) I've ever seen.
  8. lasner