where can i get a good deal?

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  1. i recently quit swifttrade and was looking for a deal for trading on my own, i was wondering if anyone knew a good place that has quick execution and not many software issues. I do pretty large volume so i was hopeing to find somewhere that charged commisions per ticket instead of volume. i heard that it is possible to get $1 per ticket with somewhere around 80-85% payout? is this true, do some of genesis's LLC's offer this? please help me find one if you know of one.
    oh yea 10 to 1 margin would be helpful
  2. You quit and NOW your looking for somewhere new to work? Scary!

    Look up Jmowery1987 and take a look at his table of firms. There are tons there, and it includes genesis llcs and others.
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    There ya go.

    I said I'd update it last night, but am going to be working on it right now to add a few more firms.

    Best bet is to contact each firm and ask them what you can get.

    Good luck.
  4. Whew, it's going to be a pain to keep this updated.

    I did update it though, and am looking for best commission deals offered to be discovered and leverage.

    I already know a few traders deals at a few of these firms here on ET and have also posted a few deals I have been offered, but am looking for the best deals offered and such.

    All information any trader sends to me (even if I hate you for some reason) will remain strictly private and I will not disclose any personal information about any trader if you send me information.

    Competition is a good thing :)

    And I appreciate all the pm's and e-mails of appreciation, no need to send any more!!! I am just doing this for the trading community and to keep things organized.

    But do send any information that I have wrong or not completed on that page, it is appreciated and I'm sure you are helping someone, maybe even the firm to grow.

    Good trading to everyone.
  5. nice job
  6. Here's another list.

    Allston Trading, LLC
    Altea Trading Company LLC
    The Archelon Group
    Boston Cabot LLC
    Consolidated Trading LLC
    Cornerstone Partners
    Curvalue Financial Services Group
    Darwin Capital Trading LLC
    DE Trading Corp / International Trading Group
    DRW Trading Group
    FCT Group of Companies
    Fusionary Trading
    Gator Trading Partners, LLC
    Geneva Trading
    GHCO (Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co)
    Harrison Trading Group, LLC
    Infinium Capital Management
    Kingtree Trading, LLC
    Marquette Partners LP
    Rho Trading Securities, LLC
    Saxon Financials Limited
    SMW Trading Company, Inc.
    Transmarket Group LLLC
    University of Trading
    The Wescott Group
    Wolverine Trading LLP
  7. Sweet, will sort through those and add the information tomorrow, I pretty much have spent the past hour adding stuff, now I must take a break and watch some baseball :)

    Will try and add more stuff tomorrow night, I'm sure I will get more PM's and e-mail's as well.

    Appreciate it

    I guess I will be adding a Forex and Futures section as well. I'll do that during the weekend if I get time, have to help some family members move to a new place, so might take awhile.
  8. thanks a bunch, looks like i got my work cut out for me to find the best one, but nice to know there is a large amout of options to choose from and most likely a deal that will suit me
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    Do not bother with GH - they are in the process of winding up prop. trading. Their London office got rid of most of their traders and fired their risk manager.
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