Where can I find the correct time when Economic Data come out?

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  1. le140


    ISM number this am supposed to come out at 10 am ET but it came out way before that. I got caught long and lost 5 ER pts.

    I am flat before these numbers come out on most days.

    Are there paying/free sites that are more reliable than Briefing.com on the time these numbers supposed to come out?

    thanks in advance,
  2. Rysco12


    The ISM was released early this morning. There were rumors that the report got leaked somehow this morning so they decided to release it early. No one saw that one coming and there was nothing you could do. As far as the best place to check the news I use the forexfactory website. They list all the news announcements for the week and then rank them based on importance. It is very helpful and accurate. Its free as well! Check it out.


  3. le140



    From your experience, how are they rank given their colors: green, red, orange and yellow?
  4. It was on the newswires 10 mins or so before the release.
  5. Rysco12


    I find them to be very accurate on the colors. Once you trade for a while you wont even look at the colors anymore. You will know from experience what news reports move the markets.
  6. Rysco12


    BondTrader they announced that they were going to release it 10 mins or so before the release however the report was leaked so there were bad numbers out there before the report was officially released.
  7. le140


    Which newswires? pay or free site? I don't have CNBC on when I trade so I hope it's not on there :)
  8. True but the market didn't really move until their updated official release time of 8:55 est. The OP was caught on that move.
  9. http://www.tradethenews.com/

    The text is cheap.
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