Where can I find good news for trading

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    I'm just a beginner trader. I currently trading with demo account and trying to learn trading.

    I'm sorry to ask this simple question in forum, but where are you getting fast and accurate news about stocks and market health ?

    Are there available any free service for this, all the service I found were non-free ? Does trading by news really mean that you had to buy special news services for being competitive?
  2. Good news for trading? Hmmmmmmmmm.

    Your fax machine and email are a ready source for actionable ideas. They make me smile.
  3. newsstrike
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    What are you trading?
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    For stocks I use marketwatch.
  6. Hey man

    Not suggesting your reco is in any way not legit, but I want to understand the business model here. I checked out the site. It's a free service and Hold is a prop shop, right? So... what's the business model? Any chance that they are taking positions in the stocks they are then sending out news reports on? Not that you couldn't make money even if they were, but I'd like to know if that's how they make their money.

    Do you trade at Hold?
  7. No, I dont trade with them but I know that they have a news guy there anyways sqwaking the news. I assume that its not hard for them to broadcast it out for free, maybe in hopes this puts their name out there? Who knows, all I know is its a free service and its reliable.

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  9. Ok, thanks. Maybe the advertising value is enough for them to run the service.
  10. You should look this website: http://stockshoot.com

    This site has some kind of combined news service from various rsources.
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