Where can I find financial statements spanning more than 5 periods

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  1. Hello,

    A few days ago Smartmoney.com killed their financial statement feeds which allowed one to download into excel 15 quarters and a decade of annual data. Now they only have 5 quarters and 5 years.

    Does anyone know where else I could find historical financial statements for free or near free. Does anyone have any experience with Zacks API? That might be my solution but looks too complicated at the moment.

    ps. I've already looked at morningstar but I cannot automatically download their financial data into my excel sheet (via VBA). Unless someone knows how to do this?

    Also edgar/SEC website is basically useless as I cannot quickly download the data into excel. And every report is different.

    Any help would greatly appreciated.
  2. Advfn.com

    It's free but you have to register.

    Shows five quarters at a time, but you can see older quarters by changing the start date.

    You can autoscrape via the smf Excel add-in here:


    Or via R code on GitHub from systematic investor here:


    There are other free sources, but Advfn is the most accessible.