where can I find ES NQ email alerts, forex alerts I got for free

Discussion in 'Trading' started by harmless, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. harmless


    my broker doesn't offer email alerts

    I won't switch cause I don't pay tax with my broker

    but I can't find free futures alerts

    I found free forex alerts on ozforex

    do you guys know any free or cheap futures email alerts ??
  2. try this service....it was free 'till no long ago, i think now they charge but very little anyways. i cant find the website no more but i got the email addresses, try contact them and see what they tell u.



    here's a pdf from a yr ago:
  3. =============
    What are you looking for exactly in ES,NQ alerts;
    email notification when they make new monthly hi/low, or what ???

    IB does some types of alert, for free.:cool:
  4. harmless


    I look for things, things that make me go :D

    only trekies will get that one

    thanks bitstream, you old fart, I am ET veteran too :)

    yeah need emails to let me know when its close to my stop order
  5. You are smart... you will make us strong... you will help us go.