where can i find cnbc live video on Android phone?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mizhael, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. what other options do i have if i want to watch cnbc on the go? thx
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    Why would you ever want to watch CNBC?
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    You need to subscribe (small fee) to CNBC Pro at their website and it works with Blackberry.

    The other option involves free resources in which your going to need to search the web for a free website that has CNBC live TV as one of its channels along with the website being accessible via an Android application. There's a few out there but traders aren't coughing up the address due to the fact that all the prior links that had been shared were soon shut down by CNBC. The same is for Bloomberg live TV via smartphones.

    Another option is to be lucky and have a cable service that offers mobile access to the channel package you're paying for. Simply, just make sure you have CNBC as one of the channels in your subscription package to be able to view it while mobile. My cable provider offers such but I didn't know it until I saw some guy at the park one afternoon watching CNBC on his mobile pad via a 4G network. I asked a few questions about our service provider and he also said he was a financial advisor.

  4. Thanks for the detailed info.

    What happened to "Bloomberg live TV via smartphones" now?
  5. Oh, Blackberry screen is already that small... and cnbc picks Blackberry to be their platform... BB sucks...
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    If you can get live TV or movie on you blackberry...you most likely can get it on your laptop or similar if using it mobile.

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    I watch it on my Droid sometimes, go to justin.tv and there's usually someone streaming it. If you go to the top of the page to the Live Channels button it's in the News & Events section.