where can I colocate server for market data?

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  1. Is there a firm that can host my server for real-time market data from all exchanges including equities, future, forex, etc?
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    If speed is what you're after, you would need to collocate to different places depending on products. Chicago for futures and commodities and NY/NJ for US equities, etc.

    Collocating is expensive and they give you the rack or cage and the cross-connect, you need to do the rest (networking, servers, etc.).

    For a small operation you could fit in a machine or two, I would talk to your prime-broker and see if they have space they leave. GS I think will still lease space for smaller setups to capital markets firms who need collocation space.
  4. I am looking for a firm that I can colocate server to collect market data from all exchanges around the world. If esignal offers colocation, that would be the best solution. I do not prefer prime broker, since i do not like to data collection and trade via the same place.

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    Nobody is gonna offer that... not the way I think you want it.

    You can lease a server in any datacenter and get good internet access, then collect data from wherever you want using that internet pipe.


    You can collocate with an exchange in particular, they will disseminate their market data via multicast to you and you will collect that way.

    But you would more than likely have to replicate that setup to multiple exchanges and adapt to their data format, if you were looking to collect data "from all over the world".

    If eSignal has what you need, just collect data from eSignal no? If you don't have the computing power at home, lease a server from an ISP and then collect from eSignal.