Where can I check if my orders are getting right into the market?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ronin266, May 15, 2012.

  1. Is there any gov site or something where I can check if my order ID is correctly taken in the market?. I´ve some concerns about the right handling of my orders, and wanna know if is there anyway to check where are they being routed (if they´re routed at all).
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    Are you using smart routes or DMA? What makes you think you orders are not going anywhere? At the end of each day, each broker must submit an OATS report. You be honest, I'm not sure what details are it that report, but it should detail every order placed. I think these reports are only examined if there is an investigation but FINRA or the SEC.


  3. I´ve 1 account with a prop that have strange behavior lately. Some routes changed from the last time I used it and the stops are executed when the price is quoted and not printed, plus I´m getting strange prints on my dark routes and getting very poor execution when trying the common routes in high volume stocks.

    I had some simulation accounts with that stop orders activation thing, and the rest of the issues made me think that due to inactivity or something the routing has beed directed to a internalizator or something. That´s why I´m asking.

    I use the same platform with it btw, Sterling, and I don´t have this stuff with my main account on it :/.
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    You should bring up your concerns with your firm. If you do it in an email, there will be a record of your complaint. You're a Limited partner or an employee, not a customer, so I'm not sure what rights you have. I'm not sure what benefit they have with messing with your orders. Your best bet is to talk to them.
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  6. So there is no way to get that info from a 3rd party? :(.

    I wanted some proves with the email . Because now they will just change back the things and say that everything is ok.

    I don´t know what they can win. Well I´ve a couple of ideas about it: volume to some MM, if the account is played in a sim server that uses real data they can just work as deal desk with is very common in forex bucket shops :).
  7. Use a direct-access broker like Litespeed, Questrade, or SterlingTrader with Level 2 access. They have many such features built into the platform.

  8. I´m using a DMA. Thats how I saw these "strange events"
  9. You are not in a court of law. Assuming your suspicions are significant in your mind move on. You do not need proof ... you need comfort. And you do not have that.
  10. Look in time and sales and see where your trade was executed? Enter a n odd lot if you have trouble identifying it.
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