Where are you Stock Trader, where ???

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  1. man by now you must be feeling aching feeling in your stomach, eh turder

    there is hope even for a buy and hold fool like you, JUST LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES

    for christ's sake at least use a trail stop

    too bad Sise Puede was banned, he would RIP you and new one
  2. Get ready. He will give his standard reply that the drop was no big deal
  3. rzepe93


    Start 17-Jul 18-Jul 24-Jul 31-Jul
    fwlt $104.29 $117.59 $119.55 $118.05 $109.79
    ma $150.30 $169.24 $168.83 $158.77 $154.03
    goog $505.22 $555.00 $549.50 $514.00 $511.89
    bidu $138.24 $212.29 $199.90 $175.04 $204.79
    gs $233.64 $219.40 $214.99 $198.15 $192.65
    rimm $170.80 $230.07 $230.43 $221.00 $215.67
    aapl $117.50 $138.91 $138.12 $134.90 $143.85
    ddm $94.99 $101.00 $100.62 $97.86 $91.80
    chap $70.27 $83.74 $83.85 $83.90 $83.51

    15.27% 13.91% 7.34% 7.74%
  4. Trish


    Wow. Holy Lordy. Do you work for Nasa? Can you solve the energy crisis? How do you get to these figures and mostly, are you unemotional when the targets are not hit?
  5. rzepe93


    those are his prices with returns from the beginning to the end. the bottom is his total return and in the middle is the index peak. 15% to 7.5% in 10 days. Badiu saved him

    Formatting didn't turn out how I wanted it.

  6. Banned? Mister I made $2 million in 3 years, no 4 years, no 2 years, no that was a typo, it's 4 years, along with 1700 posts and travelling half the time was banned? How do YOU know this?


    I'm completely disoriented now. Lacking guidance. Nobody to emulate. Sheep without a shepherd.

    Incidently, trailing stops, at least on the NYSE, telepraph where you are and your intent. IF this is an inventory gathering campaign, that would be "following the plan". At a minimum they should be very hard to hit and certainly NOT where logical points would tend to cluster. Wider ATR than usual or hedged and called away.

    Inventory gathering NO?

    Well...............those shares are being absorbed somehwere and at a lower basis. Problem is, an omnibus account that runs for decades requires a good inventory base with which to work higher. I'd be watching Boeing and perhaps IBM (both resilient and masking some carnage) toward clues to the 30's agenda.

    Banned huh? I guess puede will have to re-incarnate with a new moniker. Fish out of water flopping on the summer sand (per Neil Young).
  7. Maybe busted out.
    It aint easy to post when you lost beaucoup.
  8. come on stock turder, show up already

    bless us with your presence :D :p
  9. You have to admit it, he picked the perfect time to go long with MARGIN. Right at the top.
  10. Do you really think he's as stupid as he seems to be ?

    ps: don't answer that :D :D :D
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