Where Are We Headed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pabst, Mar 12, 2003.

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    Keeping in mind that all ET'ers trade what we see and not what we think will happen, what do you think will happen next?
  2. I think Robert Prechter will become a household name again
  3. I've bet my entire account we're breaking through Oct lows..
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    don't know don't care. see what manipulators will do.

  5. lindq


    Relief rally next week when we go Saddam Hunting. Then down, down, down from there when the reality of this quarter's terrible numbers starts to hit the fan.

    Thanks, George. Great timing. We needed this right now.
  6. Pretty big air pocket in either direction. Longer term downside will be tested. Opportunities both ways until then.
  7. I need it to take out 950 so I can finally get my one pt long scalp I put on at 949. That will make 38 straight 1 pt winners.
  8. until after expiry...

    I am planning on the market higher.. and then lower from late March... into mid-April... where we put in a bottom.. which I believe holds until mid/lateJuly! JMHO

    That is how I'm playing it with defined risk out to April -and- May... and my various and sundry options strategies (just for fun) in front month, and some Aprils... so far.

    I feel SPX can see 810 or so this week... and maybe hit 825-830 by expiry. There's lots of open interest on SPX 850 puts/calls and MNX 100s. Are they shorts who sold calls and bought puts at said strike? Now that would be awfully perfect....wouldn't it! Or sold straddles?!

    Anyone know please PM me. :D

    Therefore, for what it is worth... my "question" for the next 6-7 trading days... IS... whether there is enough arb pressure to trade SPX back to its' 50 d EMA near 850? Or in the alternative will it stop at its' 18-20 day near 825?

    As another poster noted... the market will tell us!

    Is lower possible... ? Anything is possible nowadays... it's a BEAR market!

    Sell all rallies.

    Reverse bubble!

    Until it's NOT.
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    That is the best line of the day!
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