where are we going next week?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by travis, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. I will take a moment to quote one of your more "insightful" posts regarding self-esteem and being so insecure:

    10-31-02 11:19 PM

    "I don't think that we can separate self-esteem from what other people think of us. We're surrounded by people and we are influenced in some way by them, no matter how confident we may feel.

    And no matter how stupid I think most people are, I still need them to have a good opinion of me, in order to feel ok. Unfortunately I am part of this society and, to a lesser degree than most people, but I still need their approval to be carefree. In order to have their approval, I need my trading to work, and make money, or they'll all start saying to me to go get a regular job. So, my self-esteem depends upon my trading success, because people's opinion on me depends on whether or not I can support myself, and my self-esteem depends for a large part on what people think of me, whether we want to admit it or not. Even if we think they are a bunch of idiots (as I think), we need them to at least accept us if not admire us. I could accept nothing less than admiration from these idiots who surround me."

    I guess this thread really wasn't about market direction afterall.
    Instead, it's ALL ABOUT YOU.

    How sad.
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  2. travis


    I write what I think. I have that ability. What can you do besides quoting me and arguing with me. Keep on going. Loser. 2059...
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  3. Use the thrust oscillator for short term direction signals.

    It's always right.....

    except when it's wrong...

    which is a lot of the time.

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  4. According to you, we are all just a bunch of idiots in pale comparison to you, so what does it really matter where ET members think that market is heading next week?
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  5. travis


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  6. BSAM


    With Little George escalating his latest war (Haiti), will this have an effect on tomorrow's market? I see travis initiated this thread before Little George took moves to escalate the American presence in Haiti.
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  7. pspr


    Hey, Travis. You are right. Everyone else is a stupid idiot.

    Unfortunately, from my point of view, that includes you and your analysis of the market.

    But, good luck anyway.
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    Bump this poll.
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  9. Pabst


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  10. are you serious? all i heard last week from the dems was how bush didnt act soon enough in haiti because they are black people and bush wont help black countrys because he is racist.
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