Where are the TRUE Prop Trading firms?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ProTrader432, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Can anyone provide a list with true Proprietary Trading firms?

    With true proprietary trading i mean the following:

    - The firm provides all the capital, no capital neccessary from the trader
    - The firm, not the trader, takes of the risk of losses
    - No pseudo stuff like "intraday trading only" or "training course required"
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    You ask, you receive

    First New York
    Title (not for US, not to same level as others)
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    You know, this question gets asked like 10 times a month on this forum. And it gets answered. Yet people keep asking it. There are probably 50 of them in Chicago. Show some initiative and find them. They are not hiding.
  4. You'd imagine a "protrader" would already know them.
  5. Instead of just a list, does anyone have any exceptionally good recommendations? Perhaps that would be more helpful...
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    Any in the list above are good. I work for a prop that is good, the only fees are 300 for background checks, etc. also there is a 190 a month data and platform fee. They have great mentoring and are listed on Monster.com How much trading experience do you have?
  7. 5 years with a highly successful track record
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    Advice: Post your resumes on monster so that employers can search them. In ny there is a firm hiring that looks there. No deposit bullshit, true prop, great traders and mentors. I love it, lots fail though, and it takes a while to learn, no pay, only profit split.

    I'm not allowed to advertise the firm in any way, that's how they found me. There's lots of bullshit on monster too, it's a shop that doesn't really have a online presence.
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    Hi is there anything similar in Canada, preferably Toronto area ???

    Also any reputable companies that allow you to put up funds (to increase buying power, as well as increased Stop Loss) and only take a small percentage (and possibly offer remote).

    I went to swift to get myself reacquainted with the markets (was away from this for over a decade). It is a great place to start but not one where you can make any money with their silly stop losses and even sillier expected daily profits (that are required) to increase stop losses.

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