Where are the Republicans?

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  1. The republican party stands for one thing and one thing only. Low taxes. Where are they? Where is the simple bill to extend current tax rates permanently? Wouldn't it pass in the house? Send it to the senate, then it's out of their control. Am I missing something?

    As far as proganda goes, get in front of the people and say, "Obama is a tax and spend democrat, that's all he knows. We are fighting to keep rates at the current level. We've passed the bill and sent it to the democrat controlled senate. Let your senator know you are already taxed enough."

    Don't these guys ever watch tv?

  2. For the rich.The middle class keeps their tax cuts only if the rich do too.

    Dems have done a great job exposing that and it paid off for them in the 2012 elections
  3. who is holding who hostage?

    This no longer has anything to do with the economy or the deficit or the good of the country. It is purely a political battle over taxes. Obama made sure of that. And if you want to frame it that way, "Them's fighting words."

    You sound like a reasonable man, and I am also. If you want to sit down around the table and come up with a solution which involves raising taxes and cutting spending we could probably agree.

    But when the whole conversation is taxes, how much and on whom, then I go back to my side and prepare for war.

    One thing I know, and that is where taxes come from and where they go.
  4. and the thing is, I voted for Obama in 2008. I didn't think there was a dimes bit of difference between the republicans and the democrats, and I thought he would be better for the country than Mccain. He started out making friends with Wall Street (mistakenly thinking they were the economy) and really tried to present himself as something different than just another tax and spend democrat.

    And now here it is 4 years later, and his only plan is tax and spend.

    In 2012 I vowed I would never again vote for a republican after I saw what they would do to get the cultural conservative vote. But if the democrats keep this crap up they may make me break my vow.

    A pox on both their houses. The republicans have their cultural conservatives. and the democrats have their "taxes are the solution to all problems" wing.

    I voted libertarian in 2012, and so far I am still not sorry. But if you want to have a tax war, I will get behind the Tea Party. Sometimes it doesn't matter who wins or loses, it's just the principle of the thing.
  5. Republicans are holding the middle class hostage for the rich.Dems and repubs both support the middle class tax cuts being renewed,so why not vote on what they both agree on and continue to work on what they disagree on
  6. We probably could agree.We do need to cut spending and I agree with the ron paul approach,cut 1 dollar from military spending for every 1 dollar in other spending.The military budget was 300 billion when Clinton left office,Bush increased it to 700 billion.

    Republicans see military spending as untouchable,dems sees social spending as untouchable.Until Republicans waiver on military spending I support the dems not waivering on social spending.Bring military spending down to 300 billion a year(Thats still more then Russia and China spends per year combined) and then cut social programs 400 billion.Thats 800 billion.make up the rest in tax increases to have a surplus to start paying off the debt
  7. what social programs would you cut? 400 billion from where?
  8. actually, it's starting to sound like a pretty good plan

    republicans are not going to cut military
    democrats are not going to cut social

    make the tax rates for 98% permanent
    then go over the cliff

    if that's Obama's plan, he's pretty smart

    4 years from now he could look pretty good

    I could go for that

    sounds reasonable

    I just love it when everything is pretty
  9. equal amount across the board as a starting point imo
  10. ok, it's a deal
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