Where are the peak oilers ?

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  1. CNBC: "the Chinese are simply driving less and buying less cars than just a few months ago " !!!!

    I have to laugh at the amount of total B.S. that is spewed on a daily basis in the energy markets.
    It used to be (just 6 months ago) that the fundamentals meant oil was going to $200.
    Now the fundamentals mean oil is going to $40. The oil traders don't have a clue ! They just pump up whatever their position is at the time they are interviewed.

    The oil market is a scam, I hope Congress and FBI investigate oil companies, oil trading companies and foreign states and that people go to jail.
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    The facts on the ground have changed my man. Get used to it. Fundementals do change. Just because the fundementals SUGGESTED higher oil 6 months ago, doesn' t mean it's set in stone.

    What has happend since then? The worldwide economy has slowed way down. So how is it that the market is being manipulated?
  3. euclid


    Just because "peak credit" has hit, doesn't mean "peak oil" has gone away as an issue. It all depends on whether the future economic recovery is built on sustainable use of energy resources.

  4. My point is : I don't care about the facts. There are no facts !
    The oil "experts" have no clue. Look at Boone Pickens, he got hammered, and the peak oil guru, whatever his name is .
    You didn't have to be a genius to see it was a huge bubble in
    a vastly manipulated market and that the oil complex was ripping off the consumers. I rode USO short from 85 to 115 and kept adding because it was a slam dunk that the rise was unsustainable. Unfortunately I covered way too soon, getting out entirely just under $100 oil. I only learned half of my lesson last time I was short oil in summer 06.
    But I feel sorry for all those conservative investors who were sold
    oil and commodity funds by their "advisors".

    And I have not much respect for these NYMEX guys and other oil guys, they are full of shit everytime they open their mouth. Worse than NYSE specialists.
  5. Daal


    ask that question in 10 years, the peak oilers are making a long-term bet about supply. not a short-term call on demand
  6. Huge bubble, huge top. Here's your long term outlook.
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    It should be written in our brain that trading doesn't always follow fundamentals. Then we shouldn't ask this kind of question again and what we will say is the CL bubble and burst is completely normal, it's part of the trading game.

  8. clacy


    Oh, you're right about that. The so-called experts, are really doing nothing more than anyone else is. They are compiling facts and then guessing, which way oil goes based on that. No different than looking at the charts and then guessing which direction is next.

    Think about it. At the very least half of these "experts" have to be wrong at any one time, and it's probably more like 80% are wrong at any given time.

    If they were all correct about market direction, then who would be wrong?
  9. So why the complaining? You made a hell of a lot more money than most people would have because you know how to filter the B.S. That's what trading is all about. Did you expect to catch the ENTIRE move? Geez...save some for me. Oh, and about those conservative investors you feel bad for....don't. They are the ones that provided your profits. Ooopps! Got a bite!
  10. And the politicians who you want to punish the oil speculators aren't full of it? You sound bitter to me.
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