where are the most successful traders?

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  1. equity prop shops ?

    futures prop shops?

    desk traders for banks?

    locals on the floor?


    Hedge Fund Managers?
  2. DT-waw


    Successful in terms of % return or $ profit?
    You won't probably get comprehensive, detailed and audited performance figures from 'statictically significant' number of equity & futures prop, desk and floor traders.
  3. Geographically, I must say Chicago.

    The level of success and failure is soooooo.... diverse.

    I've met newbies who made a million one day and lost it the next.

    I've met veterans who's traded as locals for over 20 years.

    I've met CTAs who make minimal wage to milliions and more(add a few digits)

    If you're trading Chicago's the place to be.

    Anyways, most successful? I'd say Grain locals in CBOT. The old guys in there are just beyond conventional success. Literally, they rule the pits.
  4. well, I used to work a few feet away from one of the top heads of trading at an IB, who allegedly made $50M a year. I'm sure another I'm thinking of made much more, but I don't know for sure.
  5. Agreed.
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    I learned in Chicago ... There were many opportunities and I believe there still are.....

    The grain pits operated as stated during my tenure. If they still do then IMHO you woud still have a problem in trading grains on floor in that it operates much like a club. This is not a problem if you are willing to play politics - and enjoy this type of thing - to trade these markets. IMHO there are enough liquid trading oportunities about that you have many choices. IMHO politics and the requirements for many unpaid hours involved in socializing increases your costs and I dont seee any particular reason to incurr these additional costs.
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  8. On vacation ...
  9. Off-shore; sheltering their gains ...
  10. Jamaica!

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