Where are the "Midday Doldrums" gone ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saschabr, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Hey,

    has anybody except me also the impression that market trendiness in the ES/NQ has expanded over the whole day ?

    The midday doldrums, low-volume, whip-saw-styled no-action between 11am and 1pm seem no longer present., at least not in the way I knew them.

    Instead, there now often trends establish at 9.45 am, last over mid-day and are sometimes (partly) reversed afternoon (also trending action).

    Or is it just my impression ? Any comments ?
  2. I'm not as experienced as many here with the intraday intricacies of the indexes, but I've noticed the same thing.

    I started going to the gym at 10:00 pst and getting back at 11:30 so I would miss the slow time. It used to be that trends would pick back up at 11:30, but that cycle has seemed to disappear as well.

    Maybe this is just due to the really strange behavior of the indexes in the last two months.
  3. Yeah, two months, I noticed about the same period since then.

    It started earlier, I would even say last year, but for me it got quite obvious over last 2 months.
  4. Midday still sucks IMO, but it may just have to do with my trading style. I generally make most of my money for the day the 1st hour.
  5. Prob enough volume being generated midday to justify moving the price around. Class assignment, compare the volume in the old 'slow' days to today.