where are the french? and also the the germans.

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  1. When comes to fighting in afgansistan- only the fittest survive- so where are the French army and the Germany army.As always its left to the Anglo-saxons to do the donkey work
  2. only 4 of the nato members actually spend the required 2% on their military. Like the Republicans always state that if you get people hooked on being dependent on the government you cant wean them off of it. The euros are hooked. We need them to add 1.5% to their vat if they want our military in their domain to cover our burden. Otherwise its just a redistribution of wealth from USA to Europe.
  3. Well as I am concerned USA helps UK- and vice versa- in bad times and good- the "special relationship"?
  4. France while not bound by Article 5 did commit airborne and ground intel assets in and around Afghanistan soon after 911 to be followed up by conventional boots on ground with a total of 75 K.I.A since the start of hostilities. Its would not be far from the truth to say that the USA and the UK did not want France as full partner in post 911 Afghanistan.
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    they are probably fed up with colonial wars...