Where Are The ET Inflation Bulls???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Landis82, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. The FED is PUMPING, PUMPING, and PUMPING liquidity into the system and yet commodities are COLLAPSING?

    This doesn't "fit" the theories of all of the ET Inflation "anti-Helicopter Ben" Bulls?

    What happened?
  2. Where are all the guys that bought beans, coffee, sugar etc. for inflation protection? Should we add to long positions now? What's going on?
  3. <i>"What happened? LOL!</i>

    Margin call liquidation for their decimated stock positions

    Want to measure inflation? Go fill up your gas tank from empty, pay your monthly heating / cooling bill and buy a full month's worth of groceries.

    That economic lesson will teach you all about inflation, today
  4. fusionz


    what collapse--oil down -1.5%, gold up 1.37%, and silver flat?
  5. You can't be serious???
    Take a look at the softs and the grains today.
  6. <i>"You can't be serious??? Take a look at the softs and the grains today. Duh"</i>

    Let's see... BS was declared worthless, and the liquidation has quietly begun. Hedge funds hold a lot of large-spec commodity long positions in various form & fashion.

    Any unusual, common denominator for the two acts today?
  7. don't like the source but good image

  8. Landis, you're the biggest idiot ever after Bernanke and makloda

    Gold is up and other commodities slightly corrected 2-3% most of them
    They are still up many times during this year. That's not collapsing!
    Save your LOLs for oil under 70
    before that just shut up
  9. i agree with Kashrin.

    Commodities are in such a ridiculous bubble, this sell off is nothing. look at a long term chart.

    its just deleveraging to a certain point out of general market fear.

    crude is following equities lock step today as it often does on the big fear days. It is still over valued by at least 30% do to the dollar, and that is due to the FED.

    That said, I am short crude as I write this! I'm a day trader so i change my views by the minute, but in general, we still have massive commod inflation. one day does nothing. try buying a loaf of bread in the grocery store. When that price declines by 50%, then we will be back to normal.
  10. Duh.

    I just threw out a "line" enticing all of the idiots like Kashmerin to "bite" and BOY DID HE BITE!!!
    He's so utterly predictable.
    Just pathetic.

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