Where Are The ET Bears Today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Landis82, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if "S2007S" and all of his END OF THE WORLD buddies are "ok" today . . .
    Looks like he could have been run over by today's "freight" train.

    The poor guy.
    He didn't even post today.

    But his "alias" ( Aaron Copland ) appears to have posted to the tune of 44 TIMES today!

    Thanks Baron.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Good point. I was getting kind of irritated we saw no advice on how to "SHORT THIS RALLY!!!!!!" and how the "DOW SHOULD BE TRADING AT 11500". Where's S2007S???

  3. Bears will be hiding in caves from now on. These low lives I mean they destroyed all these wonderful companies and their charts...so much damage done to the charts of GOOG, BIDU, AAPL, RIMM, CROX, DRYS, FSLR, POT, MOS, CF and others. Hope they die and never come back.

    World belongs to winners not losers, they made a loser out of us in the last 3 months.
  4. PaulRon


    Bear Market Over!!!!!!!!

  5. well one of your rsident bears is here boys, been posting and trading all day. nice to see all of you back from YOUR hiatus. hope this isnt the 100th time in the last few months the market goes up 400 points only to give it back in next few sessions. good luck with your longs on friday. that unemployment number should be a doozy. hehe.

    i got long 6000 shares of srs today - ultrabearish RE fund, as well as bought a ton of puts on retailers and financials. i havent gone anywhere.

    you noobs were probably buying market when it was up 3% today. muppets always buy the highs and sell the lows.
  6. piezoe


    Today, at the close, was a good day for selling. Tomorrow may be even better. The higher we go the better the selling opportunities. Ya'all have noticed, no doubt, that the economic news today was Bad, but the analysts lowered their estimates (a little game they play) so the media can say the "numbers beat estimates."

    As todays numbers showed, the economy is still contracting. The market is eventually going lower and the bottom is not in.

    Today was a great opportunity for intraday traders to get long and clean up. Hope everyone did. But don't start believing your own lies. This was a short squeeze and suckers rally today.

    For example GM sales down what? about 22%. They have negative profitability, huge debt (44 billion), their sales are plummeting, their gas-guzzling monster trucks and SUV's suck, and we are going into a fairly deep and long recession. And yet GM stock went up a buck (about 5% or so).
    Nice opportunity to buy GM puts before tomorrows retrace!

  7. What today meant to me is it opens the doors for new shoes to drop, possibly no more near term FED easing, and a another golden opportunity to inch into inverse funds. No fucking way the market will go parabolic upwards from here. It's still a traders market. I'm just pissed I dumped my long positions early as usual (guess since I'm not greedy) Buying high at these closing levels is a setup for dissapointment near term. When the mentality of buying low and selling high stops working, someone let me know. Then again, I may be wrong and we are at 12,800 but my bet is 12,400 by Friday.

    Ideally, tomorrow a follow through sucker rally in morning (after shock) and then "profit taking".

    Who cares anyways as long as we keep getting 1-2% index moves, its a win-win situation for everyone, bulls and bears
  8. S2007S


    Still here....

    I dont change screen names and stop posting....no trades today, tomorrow I lay on the short positions and inverse funds.....

    nothing has changed in the last 24 hours, nothing has changed in the last few weeks....find me a few catalysts that will take the dow back to 14k.....please tell me......
  9. S2007S


    There will not be a parabolic move back to new highs, I feel bad for any bull who thinks that.
  10. Not sure if you noticed, but catalysts only exist in your mind that is trying to rationalize market moves and find logical reasons for daily market swings. Markets don't need logic, all it takes is more buyers than sellers or vice versa.
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