Where are the black people!!!!!!!!!!

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    Damn you racist occupy wall streeters! Damn you to hell! Show me the black people!

    October 5, 2011
    99% what? ‘Occupy Wall Street’ organizers look for minorities

    Though a few representatives of minority groups have appeared among the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in New York City, photos and videos of the left-wing mini-throngs indicate they suffer from a serious lack of diversity. And the protesters themselves told The Daily Caller on Tuesday that they are conscious of the issue, if not the inconsistency it demonstrates.

    A 40-photo Washington Post slideshow showing hundreds of angry protesters in New York and other cities includes no more than 15 clearly identifiable minority protesters, and just six African-Americans. The rest of the protesters shown are white, and most are male.

    In 26 photos from San Francisco and Chicago gatherings posted on OccupyTogether.org, only one person from a minority group is clearly visible, and it’s unclear whether he is a protester or a bystander.

    Minority groups are similarly underrepresented in photos and videos posted on OccupyWallSt.org, the self-described “unofficial de facto online resource for the ongoing protests happening on Wall Street.”

    Even the “unofficial” organizers of the protest events admit this is — or at least appears to be — problematic.

    “That’s an interesting question, and it comes up often,” OccupyWallSt.org’s Patrick Bruner said in an email to TheDC. “Unfortunately, we have a very high turnover rate, and nobody as of yet has come up with official diversity related statistics for us. From observation, I can tell you that we’re not all white, and that we also have a huge LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender] population.”

    “We’re working on reaching out to minority groups as well,” Bruner adds. “Thanks for the food for thought, I’m sorry I don’t have more exact information for you right now.” (RELATED: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters are demanding … something)

    The protesters have taken to calling themselves the “99 percent” in the country, labeling the capitalists they wish to remove from power the other “1 percent.” Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin told TheDC that the Occupy Wall Street protesters’ self-description as the “99 percent” in America is ironic because the crowds are mostly white.

    “When Occupy Wall Street activists call themselves the ‘99 percent,’ it turns out they mean 99 percent non-diverse (by their own politically correct measurements),” Malkin said in an email.

    “It’s as pale out there at Camp Alinsky as MSNBC’s prime-time lineup or the New York Times editorial board. Not counting the cameos by Jesse Jackson and Cornel West, that is.”

    Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute told TheDC that he thinks the crowds are “not as white as new-fallen snow, but almost.”

    One minority activist has appeared to speak to the Wall Street protesters: socialist and Princeton professor Cornel West.

    Malkin and Gainor also told TheDC that while news organizations have failed to report on these protesters’ lack of minority representation, tea party rallies attracted accusations of racism for what some reporters perceived was a similar lack of racial diversity.

    “The liberal media will only engage in racial bean-counting of protest crowds when it serves their political ends: Namely, painting the Right as homogenous and non-inclusive,” Malkin said. “We heard endless derision about the tea party’s lack of skin-color diversity from Hollywood and the national press. But not a peep about the Abercrombie & Fitch-meets-Apple central casting mob swamping lower Manhattan.”

    Gainor added that mainstream media representatives “only see what they want to see.” He said reporters scoured tea party rallies for evidence of racism, while failing to notice how “white” the left-wing crowds are.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/04/9...organizers-look-for-minorities/#ixzz1Zv6lZAt3
  2. Weak! The republican outrage against corruption and incompetence is horribly inconsistent. Seems that only applies to government. Big business, specifically the financial institutions in this case...pure as the driven snow. Let's just forget they have crashed economies around the globe. Shit happens, we must move on. Nothing here to see.
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    I'm surprised the media hasn't picked up on this.
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    Uhhh, Captain, the article was about the lack of black people at these rallies and how tea party rallies have been heavily criticized for the lack of colored folk appearing at their rallies thereby implying they are racist.
  5. Hence the first word, weak. If all you have in defense of your corporate thugs is identifying the skin color of the protesters, you're coming at it from a very weak position. The rest was just my usual rage against the machine that I know you and others have come to love. :D
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    Sorry Captain. You are still not reading the message. I am not supporting or defending anything except the fact that the media seems to rant for hours on end on how "white" the tea party rallies are and therefore they are racists but the occupy wall street group which is just as white if not more and they get a free pass. That is my only comment.
  7. The distance from 96th street to Wall Street is like Earth to Mars.

    People of color are usually asleep when the protests are being held.
  8. Ok! And I'll say that when they point out the lack of color at tea party rallies, that too is a weak argument.
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    Dude, you are fucking dense. I have never made color an issue of any rally. I am simply pointing that the MEDIA doesn't shut up about it. I could give two flying fucks what color people are of any rally. I'm not the one making politcal comments based on skin color. I am not the one calling everyone a racist! Captain, I know you are out of work, but you shouldn't start drinking before noon.
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    Max E.

    Once again Captainoblivious misses the point. :D

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