Where are the big chat rooms?

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  1. I saw that et has a chat room but there are only a few people in there. Where are the big ones at? I'm looking for ones with good moderators who provide quality picks and commentary.

    I remember financialchat.com used to be big but heck you can't even sign up with them the site is so run down.

    any ideas?
  2. Nope


    Could you define "quality picks and commentary." ?
  3. I would define it as anything that is worth my time.
  4. So what you are looking for is for someone to tell you what to buy or sell and when to do so? My needs are far more simple. I just want someone to buy me a new car.
  5. Well obviously we aren't Wall Street prodigys

    We need to adjust our thinking.
  6. lol thunder.

    I'll be honest I'm simply looking around for a good quailty service to provide intra day picks. I don't need the "perfect" service because i know it doesn't exsist. However there has to be some good recommendations on something here.
  7. Let me know when you find it, and I'll let you take my new car for a test drive.
  8. It's an interesting question - while there are many successful and highly active forums about trading there are not alot of active chat rooms. While I know of some other chat rooms, I don't know of any more active than the one on ET.

    Woodies CCI club is kind of like a chat, but focused on that one indicator, but it does get fairly active...not really for stock picks though...
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    Thinkorswim has a decent chat room that is packed with over 1000 traders. They also have a guy named Brad who talks about the market throughout the day. He doesn't provide picks, just gives market status. There are picks flying left and right in that chat room. The room is called ShadowTrader. Good luck.
  10. Brad doesn't give picks but does provide 'opportunities' that you may not have found. He'll usually roll through some stocks on their watch list throughout the day.

    To the OP, I'm sure you could search the rooms in IRC and see what is still out there. I remember going to some daytrader chats back in the early-mid nineties. Watch the pump-n-dump!

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