Where are the best charts?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TraderGreg, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. As a newbie, I started out roaming around sites like bigcharts.com and yahoo finance before going with NinjaTrader. Now I've been exploring TOS thinkDesktop (which owns NinjaTrader with the exception of a small handful of features), and want to see what the other high-quality charting services are.

    Where, in your opinion, are the best charts? I don't mind learning a new system.


  2. not sure what you are asking

    --- A chart has nothing to do with a system.

    --- realtime, historical, both?

    --- do you trade futures, stocks, options or forex?

    --- do you trade off 1-5 minute bars, hourly, daily or what?

    If you are looking for charting:

    1) try the one that (may) come with your broker (interface). You often get free realtime charts or quotes that way.

    2) freebies include freecharts.com, tfc-charts.com, barchart.com (although they have a premium service).

    You usually have to pay for realtime charts.

    I am sure others have things to say.
  3. You're right I should have specified. I'm a swing trader of stocks and options, usually with a holding period of 2-12 days. However, I look to be trading intraday futures at a later date. What I'm looking for is generally:

    Plenty and workable provided indicators, as well as a programming option

    Customizable chart layouts including simple colors, time frames, etc.

    Preferably a built-in order system to the chart.

    Capabilities for any instrument - stocks, options, commodities, futures, forex even.

    As I said, TOS is very good. I'm even looking for a service that overlays EPS and earnings growth, but I think I'm going to get that from a stock research site.

    Anyway, the purpose of this question is to get insight to any other chart providers out there, such as possibly if IB provides charts, mldirect, just a couple names of providers that would meet, complement, or exceed the features I have already seen from NinjaTrader and TOS.

    I don't mind paying, but a free trial is always handy.

    I appreciate anyone's input here.