Where are "pacifists"?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by enrick71, Apr 30, 2003.

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    In one day - 22/ april - more casaulities of the whole Iraqi war, and since 1998 2,5 of deaths, but I haven't seen any of the so called "pacifists".....

    ....maybe in Congo deaths aren't death enough
  2. Congo, Rwanda,Uganda, Sudan.... Horrifying mass-murder of biblical proportions, and the UN isn't phased in the least.

    They must be too busy creating new resolutions condemning Israel. Such humanitarians....
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    .......or drinking cocktails in Ny

    if Usa or Nato will take military action to stop those mass murder I'm sure millions of "pacifists" will rally to protest *against the evil american agression to Congo*.
  4. No oil
  5. Right. US and Nato won't lift a finger, because there's no oil. When they decide that timber is an important commodity, then suddenly the U.S. government will become very concerned about "handling the atrocities", but not until then.

    This is why I protest the U.S. actions in Iraq, because they are insincere and contrived, and not done from any genuine humanitarian concern on the part of the current U.S. government.
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    Where was the oil in Kossovo and Bosnia, could you tell me?
  7. nobody in the administration owned or worked for an oil company back then...
  8. well said.