Where are options cancellation fees listed on IB statements?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by bungrider, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. I had one potential trade recently, maybe a month ago, where my TWS was not staying logged in properly, and I had submitted an options order for 10 contracts, and the light never went green before TWS got pink and disconnected. I checked my daily statement, and there was no debit listed for any options cancellation fees, so I assumed the order never went live.

    After submitting this order, I did hit cancel, and the order did turn pink -- pending cancellation -- before TWS got disconnected -- but the order had never first turned green nor did it ever go green, and TWS did not tell me that it was getting sent to an exchange. I did split the B/A -- so the order wouldn't have been immediately marketable, and with this accounting thing below, I'm wondering if I was charged a cancel fee that was not itemized in my statement???

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    The canellation fee appears in the "Cash Transactions" Box - which also shows Securities and Commodities Net cash movements.

    Under description it says "Order Cancellation Fee".

    If the order did not get to the exchange then you would not have been charged a fee.
  3. Thank you, sir!!