Where are most Prop Traders?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tula, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. tula


    I am going to start trading in about 6 months but haven't decided which prop firm yet. Through this Poll i would like to know where most of the Prop Traders Trade.

    Thank you for your vote
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  3. here we go again...

    from all your negative posts regarding worldco (i've counted over a dozen) you must have lost a considerable amount of money while trading there. i am truly sorry that you have such an axe to grind. the firm has produced a considerable amount of good traders. too bad you never made a dime while you were there and don't have the courage to admit that your trading skills simply suck....gotta blame the firm, right? not yourself...

  4. Mecro


    Well Worldco are a bunch of scumbags.

    They get newbies in, charge them ridiculous rates with their shitty software and support. What happens next? The newbs quickly churn away and lose all hope and WorldCo gets their initial contribution

    Great business model
  5. your making some assumptions which are wrong. try again shoeshine boy
  6. which assumption is wrong?

    did you work at worldco? YES
    did you lose money at worldco? YES
    do you blame worldco and not your trading for your losses? YES
    are there successful traders at worldco? YES
    were you ever one of them? NO

    it's all there in your archived posts....

    what are you trying to accomplish by constantly writing such defamatory material about the firm? you're only showing the majority of the elite trader readers how immature you are in handling trading losses.

  7. I didn;t see an option for Shill???:confused: :confused:

    I heard they have reopened and may be coming out of chapter 11
  8. swinger


    so far no one wants to admit being a prop trader at worldco...
  9. seisan



    You should check out the several prior threads on ET which
    spell out the distinct DIFFERENCES between "proprietary" and
    "professional" firms.

    For the most part, your "vote" list incorrectly combines them...
  10. silk


    Best thing that ever happened to me financially.
    #10     Aug 12, 2003