Where are Jack Hershey's books?

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  1. The character (I have a hard time calling him a guy) claims to have published 40 books. What are they? Where are they? Can I see an ISBN number of even one? Where can I buy/read one?
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    The remainder table at Borders. :D
  3. i don't want to laugh at jack, but that is funny. :D
  4. come on Jack I know you read every single sentence mentioning your name here. Stop hiding and give us an ISBN of even ONE book you published. I know you're hoping this thread will just die and you won't get exposed like the liar you are. The world is waiting.
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    Actually, a fairly large portion of the world doesn't give a sh*t. Who wants to spend an evening with Jack's senile ramblings?
  6. Come on Jack, fess up.
  7. :D :D Having a bad day, are we?
  8. oddiduro how come you're a Jack groupie now? I thought last time you sounded excited... that Murray Math was the shiznit? Loser.
  9. Alas, many of the works which I have created through non-linear discourse in writing from flow-of-thought occasions has happened to allow my endeavor of writing said books. That being said, it is not the ISBN numbers which you need to read the book, but rather focusing on the inner content within that is recorded verbatim on the pulp substance you would refer to as paper.

    As such, I have taken a great deal of time transposing my thoughts into a mental substance which should allow any coherent trader to feel the "meat" of my thoughts and, as the wonderfully complex thoughts that they are, translate these writings into a working system that will allow the trader to ascertain a more relevant understanding of market flow and theory behind profit maximization.

    Please refer to my publicist if you need detailed information about my books, such as the ISBN number that you have mentioned previously. Although I am a gifted writer and a leading free-thinker of our times, such esoteric information only serves to place burdens on my otherwise substantiated nomenclature.

    Thank you.
  10. lol
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