Where are all the Miami Refco/Mac Futures traders ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Detonator, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Hello,

    I'm curious to know where did all the Miami Refco traders end up in ? (I heard that the office in Lincoln road has been closed)

    Is there another Futures Prop in the vicinity ?
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    the office did close a while ago. some stayed on w/ Man, but only a couple. others joined some local hedge funds.
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    The quantity of mindless hearsay on this board has reached new all time highs. I dont even know why this is a topic of discussion but to clear the record,

    Speaking as a refco miami trader, yes, some went to a local hedge fund, none were from london, and the rest either setup shop on their own or got out of the business entirely (myself included).
  4. I agree.

    Specially those who left the business for good but are still here...=)

  5. the ratio rubbish/quality posts reaches a new all time high on elite :D
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    I completely agree with you on the vacationers trading through Miami for a temporary period, but your original answer was misleading and didnt answer the question of this thread.
    The London/Chicago traders composed the minority of the aggregate volume traded through Miami during the office's life cycle, and were paid from theyre respective offices, so I dont know how you can group them with the permanent group in Miami.
    Since you seem so intent on getting your point across to the ET community, you should probably venture out and create your own thread and call it something like, "Where are all the Refco/Mac Futures traders who vacationed in the Miami office for a month or two and put on a couple of spreads in between hanging out at the Shore Club?"
    I was there from June 2005 - December 2005. During that time we had one London guy come trade for a month on vacation, and 10 prop traders who were all US citizens living in Miami.
  7. Hate to get in the middle of this pissing contest, but that's gotta be the most hilarious thread title I've heard, proposed or not. Shame is, we're only weeks away from actually seeing something like this.

    OK now piss away....piss away.
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    You have zero clue as to what was going on and I dont expect you to since you were never a trader in the Miami branch, just dont tarnish your stellar reputation on ET for one thread by using words like "behoove" and "whiney" together in the same post, you sound like a half wit deuce.

    I would never want to get on another bucket shop desk slinging futures for scraps when hedge funds and quant shops run the show these days. I much prefer my ibanking salary + bonus which both increase each year at ten times the inflation rate.
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    wow. Firey thread. Please post your real names so we can discover the truth! ;) Madding