Where are all the bulls at?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lilduckling, May 11, 2006.

  1. How come when mkt was going up bulls are here talking all kinds of crap... while the bears were making the case that we were about to get a dive...(as i for one was saying). Yet when mkt does fall.... i see no bulls out here now making their case.

    Bulls..... the bears are enjoying your rumps on the grill.... just admit it!
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    fool. i admit nothing. Market is back to last weeks levels. big deal. NOT. In fact the dow isn't even back to where it was on Friday's open.

    if this is all the bears can manage after a steller runnup when the street is very long, then you should just packup and go home kid.
  3. You speak as a man who lacks wisdom.
  4. you are the fool.... because you speak as if you are always in a bull mode. While I, will switch from bull to bear and vice versa every several days or as i see fit. In fact im now long ES from 1311. Sometimes im a bear and a bull in the same day on diffrent time frames.

    So you go on and be a perma bull...... many like you lost their life savings in companies like Enron... Worldcom..... etc......
  5. Ive been buying like crazy today, what are you talking about? :)
  6. Am just wondering if you're dumb enough to let your P/L sink. Making one good trade and holding onto it doesn't make you a good trader. You talk a ton of crap on these boards, but have not shown the ability to do the necessary blocking and tackling that short-term trading requires. You aren't still long are you??
  7. No he is saying what is up.

    Even in a roaring bull market, which isnt this one, there are very strong down days and pullbacks. Down days like this are expected.

    And I'm no bear or bull, but this is far from "we crashing" sign.
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    You are SO sensitive! Touchy!

    I am long because we are in a bull market. So I berate the bears because I can. When the trend becomes bearish I will be short, and I will berate the bulls with the same veracity.

    Timeframe means jack to me. The market is either has a bid or has an offer. Right now it has a bid -otherwise we'd be down a fuck of a lot more. Think about it.
  9. it's profit taking - a pit-stop on the way to 1400.

    buy buy buy!

  10. don't forget - the market can't go below 0, while there is no upper bound.

    the machine is designed to make money. pirces rise, politicians will fillander, yadda yadda,
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