Where are all the bears at?

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  1. When we're going down most of the posts are about why we should be. I can't help but notice that on up moves with volume the short side doesn't have any good propaganda other than "psha - it's all rigged/smoke and mirrors/etc".

    C'mon guys - where has all that negativity gone?
  2. bears have been slaughtered :D
  3. hehe..quite funny in fact.
    There really aren't any bears left! (including me)
    Manipulated or not, this market dint look like its stopping for nobody!!:eek:
  4. I'm extremely bearish; more so than since June of 2008.
  5. Oh we know all about you BLSH.... :) you and S7000 have the market cornered on bearishness.
  6. So, you're an uber bull?

    Say what you what feel often, kooky karl.

    Don't dance with nuanced talk leaving yourself lots of wiggle room.

    Who called three absolute plunges consecutively?

    I did.

    Thank you.
  7. And you have had your face ripped off multiple times. At some point you'd think that you would have a bit self respect...and vanish already.

  8. No uber-bull here - I'm a pragmatist. I've called both sides and am not emotional about either side.

    We went down too fast last year; now is time to pay the piper for that move, in the form of a slow stomp upwards for the immediate future.
  9. We are working on getting our fur all thick and glossy so we can be ready to pounce on you bulls.:cool:
  10. LMFAO!

    Put the crack pipe down, cracky.

    You must have been long back in August 07 when I called the epic crash two months ahead of time.

    I've done nothing but make money wherever I've parked it, while the bulls are screaming how great things are because we've had an historic bounce from the March lows - a bounce just like those seen after 1929.

    Get back to me in a few months there, oh bullish one.

    The P/E ratio on the S&P is around 64 now, and we've seen a near 30% rally in 60 days while the economy continues to worsen into a giant pile of shit.

    You'll see how you can't not see a contracting economy, let alone grow one, when jobs continue to bleed.

    You'll see how simple the equation is.

    I love that the bulls are out in full force and they think there's no stopping this market.

    Bears are a rare thing now, and everyone is going to soon learn exactly what a mirage Obamanomics is.

    It feels good until it doesn't.
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